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Working with High Conflict People

Its going to happen, one day you will be working in a team and face

The Path to Transformation

Around the world leaders have rapidly changed business models, cut costs and plotted new paths

Leadership Creativity

Leadership Creativity

With all of the current pressure of business leaders you could be forgiven for saying


How To Get Attention

How to get attention from a Venture Capital firm is a problem many entrepreneurs and young start-ups face. Mark Cuban is the TV face of

Startup Paradoxes

Silicon Valley is world famous for being the birthplace to many start ups, most of the US’s venture capital goes to firms based in the

The Start Up Pitch

In the startup pitch every venture capital fund is looking at firms that can grow, turn a profit and ultimately realise value for the investors.


Is Now The Right Time To Launch?

Is now the right time to launch your start up? It is the challenge that many entrepreneurs face, a global pandemic and global recession are



  • the pandemic pivot
    The Pandemic Pivot

    The impact of the pandemic and the associated economic recession is touching businesses around the

  • Practical Innovation Magic

    Turning ideas into reality requires more than persistence, as this article explains it is much

  • What Type of Innovation?

    Understanding the opportunity can be best understood by specifying what type of innovation you are

  • Good Product Strategy

    Good product strategy enables effective and efficient decision making. Effective product strategy lowers decision fatigue

  • comedian
    Think Like a Comedian

    While it doesn’t sound like the most obvious approach there are a number of tools

  • Hitting the Innovation Sweet Spot

    The innovation sweet spot is achieving the perfect combination of innovation brilliance. Alignment between the

  • Consulting Disrupted

    Management Consultants have made an art form out of delivering insights and advice into how

  • Cultural Innovation

    Cultural Innovation is not just about building a better mousetrap, rather it is driven by

  • Identity Blocks Innovation

    Innovation is built using well proven methodologies, however it requires more than an effective process

  • Five Trends in Innovation

    Five trends in innovation identified by Inc. Magazine. None of these are particularly new or


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