Synopsis of an article from Chief Executive by Dale Buss, Published 1st July 2020 This article interviews Stew Leonard, CEO of the Northeast Grocery Chain and learns from the practical changes he put in place for the US group as the pandemic has transformed how people work. “No one everContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from SmartBrief Leadership by Art Pretty, Published 25th June 2020 In this article Art shares some ideas and approaches on how you can build your network and collaborate more effectively across your organisation (without compromising your values). The ‘facts of organizational life’ Organisational politics are everywhereContinue Reading

Negotiating a Pay Rise

Synopsis of an article from Fast Company by Suzanne De Janasz, Published 26th June 2020. Suzanne takes us through the challenges of how to ask for a (potentially much deserved) pay rise during a Pandemic. “Remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. The challenge lies in how you ask.“ KNOWContinue Reading

How to recover from burn out

In this article Jon explains how work pressure and feeling tired can lead to burn out and exhaustion. The symptoms of burn out at work have three clear symptoms that all leaders must watch out for in ourselves and in others: chronic metal or emotional fatigue, cynicism and dissatisfaction.Continue Reading

Synopsis of an article in HBR by Michael Beer, Published 22nd June 2020 Michael explains that most organisations today are dealing with massive strategic challenges that require a redefinition of purpose, identity, strategy, business model and even structure. Many if not most of these will fail and not because theContinue Reading

Twenty five years ago I almost ended up working with the Danish Wunderkind Martin Lindstrom (at the beginning of the dotcom bubble) in what was one of the first Digital Agencies, but I ended up taking a different path. Today Martin is recognised as a global leader in Digital BrandContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Kellogg Insight by Timothy Feddersen, published 2nd April 2020 The COVID19 pandemic is providing business leaders around the world with a crash course in crisis management. The immediate critical challenges of supporting customers, protecting employees and stabilising the companies revenue and security is a brandContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article published in Root by Jim Haudan on June 22, 2020 Global communications firm Edelman produce a regular report on Trust in Institutions, Edelman Trust Barometer. The Spring 2020 update, shared results of a survey taken by people in 11 countries from April 15‒23. What is interestingContinue Reading