The Hard Case for Soft Skills

The Hard Case for Soft Skills is the latest newsletter update from Daniel Goleman. Goleman first introduced us to the concept of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ back in 1995 with his book of the same name. The book remains high on the list of mandatory reading for MBA students and those interested in developing leadership skills. Goleman explains his model for Emotional and Social Competency (ESCI-360). He co-developed the model (ESCI-360), together with Richard Boyatzis. The model provides empirical evidence that Emotional Intelligence is the best predictor of workplace performance. The tool ESCI-360 (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) has shown clear performance boosts from higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. The findings of the report include: Emotional Self Awareness is a solid foundation for Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a key predictor of leadership effectiveness. Leaders with high ESCI scores for Conflict Management are likely to create the most positive climates and have … Continue reading The Hard Case for Soft SkillsContinue Reading