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DIGEST | The Weekly Newsletter
Friday 24th July 2020

Welcome to DIGEST your weekly leadership and innovation update.

Each week we send out a curated selection of leadership and innovation articles that we have summarised from all over the world, in this update there are seven recent articles on leadership with some very practical tips and advice and two innovation articles.

The long read this week is on 'Building Your Gravitas' which includes thinking about how your gravitas is perceived in virtual meetings and how to avoid the ultimate gravitas trap of being boring and unapproachable.

If you enjoyed this selection please look at the Innovation-Thinking website where you can review previous articles and newsletters as well as search on topics, categories or themes.

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Have a great week and stay safe

PS I took the above picture in Paris a few years back, a reminder of happier times when we could all travel a little more easily.  Thank you to those who asked about last week's photo which was taken in the south of Vietnam.

22 July 2020
When Microsoft Employees Were Sent Home, Their Bonds Strengthened.
Synopsis of an article from Forbes, by Joe McKendrick Published, 21 July 2020 This article references a recent study Microsoft completed on their employees and how they were coping with working from newly working from home. The team analysed a department of 350 people to better understand what impact mandated working from home was having […]
19 July 2020
How to Lead with High Emotional Intelligence While Working Remote
Synopsis of an article from Inc. by Anne Gherini, Published 15th July 2020 This article points out that EQ or Emotional Intelligence has been recognised as more powerful predictor of an individual’s success as a leader than IQ. As we continue to work fully remotely what do you need to do to dial up the […]
15 July 2020
Improve Your Writing and Communication Skills in Your Free Time
Synopsis of an article from Fast Company by Jessica Thiefels Published 9th July 2020 Effective and compelling communication is a critical skill, you need clarity, persuasion and effective story telling to make sure your audience is fully engaged. Use Prompts for Creative Writing Build creative writing skills that you can apply to your business writing, […]
15 July 2020
Why Compassion is Better for Humanity Than Empathy.
Synopsis of an article from Forbes by Rasmus Hougaard, with Nick Hobson and Paula Kelley Published 8th July 2020 Rasmus Hougaard is the founder and managing director of the Potential Project, an organisation focused on building mindful leaders and organisations. In this article he makes the slightly contentious point that leaders often mistake empathy for […]
15 July 2020
How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings
Synopsis of an article from Harvard Business Review, by by Justin Hale and Joseph Grenny, Published 9th March 2020 The authors make the argument that too often meeting attendees check out. When everyone is in the same room there are techniques we all use to bring the attention back to the speaker but how do you do that […]
15 July 2020
One-on-ones are the most valuable
Synopsis of an article from The Startup by Mathilde Collin, Published 3rd May 2019 This story is about software startup – ‘FRONT‘ which is an email and collaboration platform but what they do is less important to the article, which is about the culture of the organisation. Written before CoVID this article talks to the […]
Our Future is in Artificial Intelligence
22 July 2020
Synopsis of an article from InnovationAus by James Riley Published 20th July 2020 This article is based around an interview with Kevin Bloch who is leaving his current position as…

Inspire Innovation
22 July 2020
Synopsis of an article from Entrepreneur.com by Tiffany Delmore, Published 15th April 2020 In this short article the author points out that most companies do not have an effective way…

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