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Friday 23rd October 2020
You just need to get down there

Hello and welcome to DIGEST your regular career, leadership, entrepreneur and innovation update. 

A fortnight ago we launched the very special podcast Episode 5 of the iTHINK - a podcast all about leadership an interview with Vicki Townsley - discussing leadership during the pandemic, which continues to get really positive feedback.

This week we are thrilled to launch Series Two - Do You Have A Start Up In You?   The first interview is with Mark Sherman Managing Director - Telstra Ventures (Australia's largest VC with operations in Australia, USA and China), Mark joins us from his home in Silicon Valley.

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Have a great week and stay safe


iTHINK - A Podcast All About Leadership

The podcast can be found here HERE or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Podcast Adict, Deezer, Podchaser, Buzzsprout, Listen Notes, Amazon or wherever you find good podcasts.

22 October 2020
Your Working Relationships
Over your life you spend a lot more time at work than you do with your family which is why it becomes really important that you enjoy what you do. A job that sucks the life out of your soul is doing nothing for your health and wellbeing. But that does not mean the job […]

21 October 2020
No One Person Can Solve This
The Pandemic is bringing up new leadership challenges and it is becoming clear that management styles need to change and that no one person can solve this on their own. This article points out that in these VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times those who have stood out as the most effective leaders have […]

20 October 2020
Offer As Much Flexibility As Possible
Offer as much flexibility as possible sums up the new Microsoft employee guidelines for working from home and we can all learn from their example. With everyone around the world working from home for the last few months, embracing the flexible workplace just sounds logical. At Microsoft they have taken this to a new level […]

20 October 2020
Recovering From Failure
Recovering from failure, at some point in our careers, we all fail. It is how we recover from that failure that differentiates us. Failure is hard, it is ego shattering and very painful. But as Robert Kanaat writes; “failure, as much as it hurts, is a necessary evil. Failure, and the resultant pain it causes, […]

20 October 2020
Am I Talent? Its a Question of High Potential
Anyone with leadership aspirations will consider the question ‘Am I Talent’ as they progress in their career. And while it is not purely a question for leaders the nature of the question is directly related to subjective nature of how others consider and measure your performance. As a subject matter expert, with specialist skills, experience […]

14 October 2020
The Art of Asking Powerful Questions
The art of asking inquiring, challenging, powerful questions is one of the most fundamental differentiators of leadership. They challenge our basic assumptions and create awareness of patterns and connections. Powerful questions explore intentions, values, convictions, hopes, ambitions and possibilities. The quality of the questions you ask not only demonstrates an openness and curiosity for learning, […]

13 October 2020
Don't Let the Pandemic Become a Gender Disaster
When organisations make large cost cutting initiatives traditionally the number of women being reduced is significantly higher than the number of men. The Australian Bureau of Statistics identified that women in Victoria lost jobs at four times the rate of men in July. If this proportion of job loss continues to skew against women we […]

21 October 2020
Is Now The Right Time To Launch?
Is now the right time to launch your start up? It is the challenge that many entrepreneurs face, a global pandemic and global recession are challenging companies and industries all over the world but times of significant change bring significant opportunity. “Times of rapid and dramatic change can shift the tectonic plates of opportunity. “ There are numerous […]

8 October 2020
StartUp Survival
The best opportunity for your startup survival in a recession and pandemic is to avoid making rash decisions. This article provides some tactics and strategies to manage during these difficult times Minimise There is every chance that when the pandemic hit your revenues reduced substantially. Which may well have sent you looking for funding sources […]

Consulting Disrupted
21 October 2020
Management Consultants have made an art form out of delivering insights and advice into how to deal with disruption in industries. Now Consulting itself is being disrupted and the changes are significant. “Disruptive Innovation” a term coined by Clayton Christensen in 1995 was used to refer to the radical changes that caused a step change […]

Cultural Innovation
13 October 2020
Cultural Innovation is not just about building a better mousetrap, rather it is driven by deeply connecting customers with a brands ideology, which in turn has transformed the the value proposition and reinvented the category. Why is innovation so hard? Why do companies who have have incredibly talented teams struggle to innovate and create a […]

October 2020

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