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Synopsis of an article from Forbes by Grant Freeland, Published 27th July 2020 This article grabbed me at the start with the short powerful statements that leaders use Ronald Reagan used to say “Trust but Verify”, former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi used to say “Performance with Purpose” and for a highly successful not for profit entrepreneur it is “No Surprises”. “No Surprises” has been a line I have used for many years so this article immediately spoke to me. The author Freeland is a BCG partner and in this article he refers to how leaders need to communicate which is with truth and transparency. They need to empathetic and one of the best ways to do this is to show them your human side. (see uncover your motivation to lead and the motivation secret that works for everyone) Show your heartOpen up about your life, feelings and struggles, build connectionsContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Smarter with Gartner by Jackie Wiles Published 24th July 2020 This article explains that scenario planning is a critical tool for functional leaders to establish plans and line up immediate decisions and actions. “Those who understand how disruption affects enterprise strategic and operational decisions can make small but powerful changes to prepare their own teams to act on the risk and opportunities that come from volatility.” Caroline Angle, Principal, Advisory, Gartner. Scenarios don’t forecast the future; they explore what’s possible Scenarios are not predictions or contingency plans, they identify and develop strategic assumptions on how to respond in different likely scenarios. Know the objectives for your function Scenario planning needs to align to the companies broader vision, mission and goals but at the functional level it: Ensures focus on critical growth and transformation initiatives Establishes the highest priority decisions that go ahead no matter whichContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from SmartBrief by Alaina Love, Published 27th July 2020 In this article the author reflects on how she attended a recent Yale University ceremony where her son was graduating and honorary degrees were being given to various accomplished luminaries. One of those being recognised was Civil Rights leader John Robert Lewis (who passed away from pancreatic cancer in July 2020). She writes about four important pillars of leadership that were exemplified by Lewis. Principles and values are timeless Lewis taught us to stand for something, and to make our position on what we value unequivocally clear by our actions. For most of us, demonstrating principled leadership and honoring our values is far less risky within the confines of an organization Dare to Disrupt “When you see something that’s not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to get in the way and makeContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Inc. by Carmine Gallo, Published 29th July 2020 In this short article author and executive coach Carmine Gallo explains that your people (your team, partners and customers) are looking to you for guidance during the crisis, and they are looking for you to show your humanity. Gallo has two questions that help to ‘uncover your motivation to lead’ and they are: What makes your heart sing? Tell me something about your company that is meaningful to you personally? He links the first question to a comment by Steve Jobs who said that the intersection of technology and liberal arts made his heart sing. The second question often gets executives to open up with stories that are often not public. The importance of these questions is they lead to personal, meaningful and human stories. In the article Gallo uses some examples on how leaders have builtContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Knowledge@Wharton by Peter Fader published 27th July 2020 This article adapted from an updated book ‘Customer Centricity’ by Peter Frader, which was first published in 2011 and the book has recently been updated. In 2011 Fader wrote about Starbucks that they made no effort to learn about their customers or to understand their buying habits. This year he has updated the book to look how they have transformed to become data driven on customer centricity. Fader refers to how Starbucks built a Facebook community, not for their product but for ‘Leaf Rakers’. The Leaf Raker’s society a secret or private group that purports to be obsessed with autumn, which is also when Starbucks puts its popular pumpkin spice latte on the menu each year. “Facebook, as we know for better and worse, is a treasure trove of personal data — but also, and perhaps moreContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from LeadChange by Dave Coffaro, Published 27th July 2020 Resilient cultures survive, new threats are constant and constantly changing. “Thriving and resilient cultures endure through good times and bad”. Dave suggests five practices to raise your strategic resilience as a leader. Acknowledge current reality ‘Own the tone’ as a leader you need to communicate with your team, recognise the current situation and acknowledge that this isn’t easy, it is uncomfortable but you need to lead through. Re-connect with the vision and values Having a clarity of your organisation’s vision, mission, purpose and strategy and values will help connect your team to ‘why’ (see The Motivation Secret That Works for Everyone) vision (where the organisation wants to be) mission (what the organisation is going to do) purpose (why the organisation does what it does) strategy (how to achieve the mission) values (how your organisation does what it does) “EveryContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from McKinsey Accelerate by Daniel Pacthod and Michael Park, Published, 28th July 2020 The authors start by pointing out that through the crisis many companies have learned to become more efficient, working faster and better and that these strategies will be essential to retain as the world returns to the new normal. “How can leaders avoid the impulse to abandon the progress they have made in shaping a more productive and competitive company profile? We believe the answer is a renewed focus on people and their capabilities. Only by advancing new cadres of adaptive, resilient leaders, as well as a middle bench fluent in technology that cuts across silos, will companies be able to work with the speed and impact necessary to further the broader transformation that has begun.“ The way to do this is simplification, prioritisation of talented resources and leaders who leverage personal energy and balanceContinue Reading

The Motivation Secret That Works For Everyone. Synopsis of an article from Inc. by Jessica Stillman, Published 23rd July 2020 When the author sent a survey to 2.7 million twitter followers on the best tips for staying motivated there were lots of excellent creative tips on how to stay focused and get things done. Music Playlists Energy Drinks Communicating Gratitude Connecting with friends and colleagues who buoy your motivation Walking and getting fresh air Exercise Mindfulness Faith or Spirituality But there is one motivation that really does work in almost all situations. Focus on the WHY “By focusing on your ‘why;’ your reason for wanting what it is you want. The vision. The big picture. That keeps me #motivated especially when the going gets tough,” Seila Chapman  Connecting goals to the reason why, is the most powerful motivation as it enables people to visualise the end result. Everyone is different we findContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Forbes, by Joe McKendrick Published, 21 July 2020 This article references a recent study Microsoft completed on their employees and how they were coping with working from newly working from home. The team analysed a department of 350 people to better understand what impact mandated working from home was having on the way they worked. some of the key findings included: Longer but choppier work days The work day and the work week was longer with employees tending to work an additional four hours a week starting earlier and finishing later. However this was somewhat offset by more time spent on managing personal priorities such as homeschooling and childcare. More but shorter meetings Lots more meetings especially short 30 minute meetings. Very protective managers Senior managers increased their communication and collaboration. Managers increased messaging 115% as they worked to remain connected to dispersed remote teams.Continue Reading

Synopsis of an article from InnovationAus by James Riley Published 20th July 2020 This article is based around an interview with Kevin Bloch who is leaving his current position as Cisco’s regional CTO to form a technology advisory firm. The key premise put forward is that Artificial Intelligence is going to have a larger impact on the global economy and society than the internet and that many firms are massively under investing in appropriate R&D and innovation to take advantage of this transformation. Most Australian firms invest less than 5% for revenue back into R&D, this compares with 10-30% for global technology leaders. “The question now is how do we get our business leaders in this country to really understand what AI is. If they don’t, their companies will at best be less competitive and at worst they won’t be around any longer,” Mr Bloch said. Kevin Bloch Read moreContinue Reading