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Self Sabotage

Synopsis of an article from Fast Company, by Evelyn Marinoff, Published 7th July 2020 Evelyn explores why that even when we have worked so hard to achieve a goal, we self sabotage our own attempts. There are so many ways we do this for example – watching Netflix not working on an important presentation, not going to the dentist for regular checkups, ordering takeaway when you are on a diet, the list goes on. “Self-sabotage is the action we take to thwart our own best intentions and goals. We do it because we want something, and then we fear that we may actually get it, that we won’t be able to handle it, and so we ruin everything—be it getting a promotion, finding the perfect relationship, or starting a business. So why not save ourselves from the pain, the embarrassment, the disappointment if we mess up and kill all theContinue Reading

Synopis of an article from Forbes by Kathy Caprino, published 28th June 2020 Kathy explains that she has found many of the professionals that she is connected with are using this ‘unprecedented time’ to reset and consider how to get back to the career that they are really seeking out. Many people are “realising that no job or career is truly safe and secure”, so why not use this time to get on with doing something you really love. She provides four steps: 1. Stop focusing only on applying onlineYou have probably heard that more than 80% of jobs are not found online many of those jobs are not listed anywhere, so don’t expect that you will find those great jobs just by applying to what you see online. Effective and Powerful Networking are required to bring yourself to market, and that means connecting with and cultivating relationships with theContinue Reading