Motivation (Page 2)

Synopsis of an article from SmartBrief by Susan Fowler, Published 6th July 2020 Susan uses the 1972 study into delayed gratification otherwise known as the ‘Marshmallow Study‘ where four year old children were asked to wait 15 minutes to eat a marshmallow, if they waited they got a second marshmallow. The concept of self discipline, the researchers went back to the same children 15 years later (now 18 or 19 years old). It is amusing to watch the video. “Children who had been able to delay their gratification for the marshmallow the longest — those with the greatest degree of self-regulation — had higher life-measure scores. Researchers postulated that children with high-quality self-regulation had greater later-life success.”  Lessons Learned There is greater self regulation in the environments where promises are kept, because there is greater trust that the delayed gratification will be rewarded. Optimal motivation comes from our lived experiences,Continue Reading